5 tips for reducing sitting

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  1. Stand up at work

If you’re sat in long meetings or on the phone why not get up and stand for a period.

  1. Reduce your usual sedentary time

On days where you know you will be sat for prolonged periods of time try and plan in activities such as walks during your lunch break, evening exercise classes or even cooking a healthy meal.

  1. Limit sedentary periods of time

Download the ENCOURAGE App – a smart app that encourages users to reduce engage in activity and break up bouts of prolonged sitting.

  1. Swap siting for standing

During usual activities such as watching TV. Why not try standing or alternating?

  1. Take a screen break

Take a walk away from screens at work and at home by taking regular walking breaks during long hours spent starring at the box.




Published by Dr Chris George

NHS doctor working in General Practice.

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