A bedtime routine to help you beat the daily grind

Good sleep hygiene helps ensures that we are fully alert to tackle whatever the next day has in store for us. How much sleep our bodies needs varies from person to person and also in accordance with our lifespan. We need the most amount of sleep when were young with newborns requiring 14-17hours a dayContinue reading “A bedtime routine to help you beat the daily grind”

The dark side of blue light

We need new initiatives to reduce light pollution in our homes if we want to minimize the adverse effects that sleep deprivation can have on our health.   For many of us living in trendy metropolitan cities across the world we have become blinded to the sheer amount of concentrated artificial light not only onContinue reading “The dark side of blue light”

5 tips for reducing sitting

Stand up at work If you’re sat in long meetings or on the phone why not get up and stand for a period. Reduce your usual sedentary time On days where you know you will be sat for prolonged periods of time try and plan in activities such as walks during your lunch break, eveningContinue reading “5 tips for reducing sitting”

Standing up for your health: why the new standing desk may be the way forward…

We can’t out train the damage caused by sitting in our office chair all day. Emerging evidence now suggests that an hour gym session after work may not be enough to counteract the health risks of being sedentary In the UK, we spend an astonishing 9.5 hours a day sat down with that figure increasingContinue reading “Standing up for your health: why the new standing desk may be the way forward…”

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